Monday, 23 December 2013

Tips for a Successful Sales Strategy

Here at RTA Business Consultants, we understand how important it is for companies aiming to sell goods and services to have a strong sales strategy in place. As the UK’s most successful privately owned business agency, we thought we’d bring you a few top tips to make the most of your sales plan.

·         First of all, planning is key. Start by mapping your client journey. If you can tap into the process of buying your product, you will be able to iron out any needless creases. Focus on both pre and post-sale processes, paying careful attention to how a customer might feel at each point.

·         Write down all the ways in which you can reduce cost and increase satisfaction. While you shouldn’t sacrifice your profit margin, a lower price usually means a happier customer. You don’t want to give them a reason to look at what your competitors have to offer.

·         When your sales process is in place, it’s time to think about marketing. What’s your unique selling point? How can you attract your target customers? It’s best to invest as much time as possible into your marketing plan as it is this that will (hopefully!) attract your ideal customers.

·         Be careful in assigning resources and be sure to monitor these processes on an ongoing basis. This may involve regular sales meetings or team briefing sessions to ensure everyone is up to date with the project and its progression.

·         Involve your whole team and have them complete regular records so you can stay ahead of any changes in activity.

Successful business practice doesn’t come over night, but with careful planning and monitoring, and a confident, committed team, sales growth will come!

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Economic Growth Higher than Expected

The team at RTA Business Consultants were pleased to see that economic growth in the UK is increasing at a higher rate than previously expected. Great news all round for businesses, buyers and sellers!

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released figures that indicate a 0.8% increase in gross domestic product from July to September. This is a significant increase on the figures from the previous quarter. Estimated annual growth has increased from 1.5% to 1.9%, which suggests the long term economic plan for the country is working.

However, further reading of the ONS data reveals that the trade deficit has increased sharply from £6.2bn to £20.7bn in the third. November also saw a significant increase in public sector borrowing from £15.6bn to £16.5bn since last year. These figures call into question whether or not the government’s current recovery strategy is entirely sustainable.

On the other hand, unemployment has fallen to 7.6%, which is the lowest it’s been since 2009. This means there are now 30 million people in work. Similarly, the housing market has begun to revive, which in turn improved the country’s earnings on stamp duty.

Retail spending has increased by 2% since last year thanks to an increase in shoe, clothing and textile purchases. Interest rates are likely to stay at their 0.5% record low however, since inflation is currently holding steady at 2.1%, just 0.1% higher that the Bank of England’s 2% target.

While this is quite a mixed bag of figures, RTA Business Consultants are pleased to see a modicum of positive growth. For more posts like this, follow us on Twitter, and for a full range of our services, visit our website.