Wednesday, 25 June 2014

RTA Business Asks Whether You Should Pay Your Staff a Living Wage

RTA Business asks whether you should be paying your staff a living wage if you want to attract the best talent and sell your business for a tidy profit.

RTA Business: We Secure the Best Deal for the Sale of Your Company

When you want to reap the benefits of all your hard work by selling your business, and walk away with a tidy profit, RTA Business Consultants is here to help. We use our teams experience and skill to ensure you walk away with the best possible deal for the sale of your business.

Our experience has taught us that attracting a potential buyer is nowhere near as easy as just showing them that you’re making money. You need to show them that when they take on your company, they have everything they need to make a sustained profit.

Skilled Workers Want More Money

A company is nothing without its staff. If you don’t attract the right workers with the right skills, you’ll never advance beyond your initial business model, and never make enough profit to make your business truly lucrative. Furthermore, if you’ve got sub-par staff, a buyer will notice, and it will undoubtedly turn them off.

So how do you attract the best talent? To answer this question you need to ask yourself what kind of jobs attract quality staff. The answer; jobs that pay. If someone is skilled and they know it, they’re not going to go for the first position they find, they’re going to wait until they can get the most money for their services. That’s just human nature.

What is a Living Wage?

Naturally, this is why staff in managerial positions receive the big bucks. But at RTA Business, we would argue that you need to take this philosophy and apply it to every single worker, by paying them a living wage.
A living wage, according to the Living Wage Commission, can be defined as: "an hourly rate of income calculated according to a basic cost of living in the UK and defined as the minimum amount of money needed to enjoy a basic, but socially acceptable standard of living."

RTA Business Concludes: You Should Pay Low Level Workers a Living Wage

Basically, it’s paying someone enough to give them a decent quality of life, and we would argue that you should pay low level workers a living wage to make yourself competitive. There are so many low level positions out there, that workers are spoiled the choice. Providing a living wage will make you stand out, giving you the edge you need to attract the talent that’ll take your business to the next level. 

Friday, 13 June 2014

RTA Business’ Top Five Tips For Boosting Creativity

The best, most lucrative businesses are built on creativity, and without it, you’re never going to attract a buyer and make a tidy profit. This is why RTA Business, this week, has decided to list its top five tips for boosting creativity!

The Importance of Creativity
A business isn’t built on knuts and bolts alone. You need a product and that product has to be capable of generating a significant amount of revenue over the long term. That’s why you need to be creative. You need to have the capability to dream up a product so useful that it’s capable of attracting a sustained customer base. No easy task.

It’s doubly important if you’re looking to build up your company, only to sell it off for profit one day. A buyer won’t be interested in a firm that merely stays above water. They want to buy a business that will make them a lot of money; the more profit avenues you can dream up, the more attractive your business will be when you decide it’s time to sell.

The Creative Top Five from RTA Business

However it’s easier said than done to get creative – that’s why writers so often have writers block, it’s all about inspiration, which isn’t something you can automatically tap. However, you can help stimulate your mind along the way with these top five tips:

1      Observe the World around You: How are you ever going to dream up a new product that will sell well if you don’t know the world you’re selling it to? Observe your customer base and let them inspire you.

2      Seek out a Little Help: Other people have fresh life experiences to bring to the table that you don’t. Use that different perspective to spark your own imagination. They may know something that you don’t that makes your impractical idea work.

      Embrace New Experiences: Get out of your comfort zone. Travel to new places, listen to music you never have before etc. If you open your mind, you never know what you may encounter that will give you that ‘profit margin changing’ idea.

4    Get Imaginative: You need to think outside the box, and to do so, you need to ask ‘what if.’ Take a scenario and ask what the wildest possible outcome could be. You’d be surprised what practical ideas often come from the wildest of situations. Take the internet as an example!

5       Be Brave: This is the best possible tip we could give you, don’t be afraid to take risks. Do you think people like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs got to where they are by playing it safe?

Friday, 6 June 2014

Reach for the Sky: RTA Business on the Art of Innovation

The amazing news that Google is attempting to build an honest to goodness self-driving car, only highlights the need for creativity and ambition in business, and this week, the RTA Business blog will explore just why you need to reach for the sky if you hope to make a substantial profit on the sale of your business.

It’s not as easy as showing a potential buyer your profit margins and waiting for them to sign on the dotted line. Buyers want to know that they can use your business to build on profit margins in the long term. If you’ve developed a lucrative, innovative product that fills a gap in the market, they’ll be biting your hand off to gain access to a veritable gold mine. This is why you need to reach for the sky.

Google: A Case Study in Ambition
Google is the perfect case study to highlight the benefits of ambition. They’ve practically constructed their entre brand through sheer ambition. Time and time again, Google have attempted the improbable, or at last the inadvisable (such as introducing Gmail in a saturated market) and they have seen success that has spurred them on to new heights.

They’ve become so popular because they find gaps in the market where they can make the most money - they find the practical opening then ambitiously shoot for the stars to fill it. The numbers back it up. Since it was first created in 1998, Google, according to Forbes, has become worth a staggering $382.47 billion.

RTA Business Asks: Will the Self Driving Car Work?
So is the self-driving car a step too far. It’s certainly an ambitious project; a car that will have a start/stop button, but no controls, steering wheel, pedals etc. If it’s possible, and that’s a big if, we at RTA Business believe that it could be Google’s next highly successful project.

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin explained why to the BBC, stating that it aims to "improve people's lives by transforming mobility". The amount of people this could benefit is sky high – disabled people, older people, people who can’t drive, blind people etc. There’s so much potential.

This is why you need to reach for the sky if you ever hope to sell your business. Find that gap in the market and truly fill it, and you have a gold mine on your hands, a gold mine buyers will flock to acquire for a tidy sum!